The studio
Jan Naezer’s Studio is situated in an old charming schoolbuilding on the 2nd floor. There are courses in etching and painting (oil, acrylic), watercolour painting, drawing in various techniques. There are beginner and advanced levels.
Coffee and tea are includes.

Potential students come in for a try-out lesson before signing up. When a student doesn’t sing in, the try-out lesson is free of charge.

Introduduction to 7 techniques
An introduction in 7 techniques is part of the regular courses. A wide range of approaches will be encouraged and various methods and materials will be employed. The course is suitable for all levels of competence.
Students can discover:
– drawing techniques: charcoal, conté, soft pastel;
– painting techniques: watercolour, acrylic, oil painting;
– pen and ink wash techniques.

The materials for the introduction courses are supplied by the studio. After the introduction courses you use your own materials.

Drawing, painting (acrylic and oil) and watercolour
Techniques as watercolour, painting with acrylic, painting with oil paint or soft pastel and charcoal are possible during the course.The student learns about composition, how to work with the Golden Section and how to make an art work.
Techniques as wet on wet, wet on dry and glazing with watercolour and techniques specific for oil and acrylic painting will be introduced. During the course the Studio supplies streched watercolour paper (basic quality).All the other materials must be brought by the students themselves. If students are interested the Studio can organise workshops in model drawing.

It is possible to store your work in progress in the studio (depending on the size).

Year course, including basic materials
In the course students explore techniques as line etching, aquatint, soft ground and dry point. Jan Naezer’s Studio has a big aquatint spray cabinet and a large etching press. The price of the course is including basic materials as acid, etching ground (soft and hard), white spirit, and paper to make proof prints.

The students take their inks (black and colour), good etching paper and zinc to the course. It is possible to buy zinc at the studio.

Students and teacher made books about the story of Gilgamesj, Trojan War, Heracles Icarus, Europe, Prometheus, Orpheus and Osiris. The Gilgamesj book is part of te collection of the libary of Voorburg. The books about Herakles, Osiris en Icarus en de mythe of Europa are part of te collection of the libary of The Hague.